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Slow-Release Fertilizer

Slow-release fertilizer releases nutrients to plants over time, in contrast to water soluble conventional fertilizers which typically result in a large amount of the nutrient being lost to leaching and evaporation. The main advantages of slow-release fertilizers are improved efficiency (fewer applications and less fertilizer required) and improved crop yields and quality (as the fertilizer is released over time when nutrients are required). In addition, slow-release fertilizers result in reduced environmental damage from leaching of nutrients into water and gas emissions compared with water soluble conventional fertilizers. There are two main types of slow-release fertilizers: (i) coated products, in which a physical barrier restricts contact with soil moisture, and (ii) reacted chemical fertilizers, in which molecules are chemically altered to form polymers with reduced solubility. Hanfeng's slow-release products include sulfur coated urea (SCU), which is exclusively licensed in China from Nu-Gro Corporation. Hanfeng has also filed a patent in 2005 for a proprietary resin coating technology, and has recently developed proprietary UF/MU slow-release technology which can be used in the NPK fertilizer manufacturing process to give slow-release features to NPK compound fertilizer.

Premium NPK Fertilizer

Premium NPK fertilizer contains the nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), in a ratio tailored to a specific plant's nutritional needs, taking into account soil and climatic conditions. Hanfeng produces NPK fertilizers for the urban greening market through physical mixing of N, P and K granules (including micro-nutrients where applicable) at its blending plants. Hanfeng also has the exclusive right to produce a high concentration urea- based compound fertilizer by tower granulation, which targets primarily the agriculture market. This fertilizer is of premium quality because of its uniform round shape and high concentration of nitrogen. Unlike fertilizer blended from separate materials, each compound granule contains a fixed ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potash (K), facilitating uniform application of all of the key nutrients. In addition, Hanfeng's compound NPK granules can achieve a nitrogen content of up to 57% in a 2:1:1 NPK ratio, a level previously unattained in a compound granule. Hanfeng can make this NPK product into slow-release fertilizer by adding either the SCU slow-release fertilizer in a NPK blend, or using the UF/MU technology to make slow-release NPK. This slow-release NPK can be targeted to the high margin urban greening markets, as well as select high value cash crop farmers.

Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) Fertilizer

Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer that is made by coating urea with sulfur and wax that increases nitrogen efficiency, improves plant growth and reduces water pollution, compared with water soluble fast-release fertilizers. Being a mature technology with low production cost compared to other slow-release technologies, SCU is a promising solution in China for environmental and agricultural yield related issues. Hanfeng sells SCU directly to agricultural and urban greening customers and is also supplying SCU as a value add material for blending to other fertilizer distributors and manufacturers in China.

Urease Inhibitor

Urease Inhibitor is a product that inhibits the hydrolytic action on urea by the urease enzyme. When applied to soils the effect of the urease inhibitor is less urea nitrogen lost by ammonia volatization. Hanfeng's proprietary urease inhibitor is different because it:

  1. has a longer and adjustable release duration. The nutrient release duration is up to 110-120 days and can be controlled and adjusted within 50-120 days depending on the plant type and soil condition.
  2. can increase nutrient up-take by 12-15% compared to regular compound fertilizer.
  3. increase crop yield. Field trials have shown increased crop yields of: corn 6 - 19.9%; rice 8.3 - 21.0%; wheat 10 - 15.3%; cotton 18.4 -32%; apple 13.5 - 23.4%; cucumber 9 - 13.3%; sugar cane 10.9 - 17.5%.
  4. can be blended with urea and compound fertilizer and also can be added during the granulating process, making for simpler application.
  5. has good physical characteristics. Less quantity is needed to be added and it has no chemical reaction with other materials.
  6. can reduce environmental pollution. Urease Inhibitor can increase fertilizer efficiency so as to reduce the pollution to water by nitrate, nitrite and nitrous oxide.

UF (Urea Formaldehyde) Technology

UF (Urea Formaldehyde) Technology is a slow-release nitrogenous fertilizer produced by the reaction between urea and formaldehyde. Hanfeng's product is unique because it:

  1. produces various UF products with release duration according to nutrient demand of plants by controlling the molecular ratio of urea and formaldehyde that join the reaction.
  2. reduces nitrogen loss and environmental pollution.
  3. improves the activity of preferable microorganism and soil quality.
  4. enhances the root system and ensures a stable and uniform growth of crops so as to improve product quality.
  5. has excellent physics characteristics. It can be made into either granule or powder form, which can be used in the production of blended fertilizer, granulated fertilizer and liquid fertilizer.